As Witches, we love Witchcraft. As humans beings, we love Rock & Roll.

It is not hard to mix the influence of Witchcraft and Rock music. Both of them are full of sense, passion, magic. They are powerful forces that get inside you and make you feel alive.

The Full Moon is a magic moment to feel the energy of Witchcraft

A Rock theme is like a Witchcraft ritual.

Both start with some simple, but important, preparatives. With the will and the desire that they produce a change in you. Just in the beginning, with the first words, with the first verses, you can feel some improvement. While they advance, you can feel how new energy takes control of you, how your mind becomes lighter, how through your body run a captivating magical force.

When everything ends, when you blow out your candle and the darkness wraps you, when the last chords get lost in the deep silence, you feel an internal peace that fulfills you and gives you a moment of light unconcern, of serene calm, of absolute happiness. During a wonderful instant, you feel that you are in peace with yourself, with the world, with the universe.

Rock & Roll Witch, the design for Rockers and Witches

Rock & Roll is one of the most powerful types of Witchcraft.

The Twisted Sister knew what they wanted: “I want to Rock!”. Freddie Mercury gave us advice on the effects of the Queen‘s music: “We will Rock you”. Now, the beautiful Taylor Momsen gift us a lapidary phrase: “But on my tombstone when I go, just put ‘Death by Rock & Roll'”.

Taylor Momsen, the sweet singer of The Pretty Reckless

On Witch Soul we want to accept the challenge of the sweet singer of The Pretty Reckless in our own way. We want to live through the path of Witchcraft and under the influence of Rock & Roll. When the universe blows up our light, when the last chords of our voices get lost in the deep silence of eternity, we will sing: “We had Rock. We Rocked you. We are going out on our way, but on our tombstones when we go, just put ‘Death by Witchcraft and Rock & Roll'”.

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